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Where we are with the development of this site

Where we are with the development of this site

Hi there,

To explain where I'm at with my new website...

So already why have my site been put into production when it is not finished!?

In fact this site contains so many technological advances compared to the previous site, that I save a lot of time in entering and checking orders received, before all entry of shipments was manual, updating of stock and prices was long and tedious now automatic, that it had become essential with the number of constant price changes that I have to process with each supplier order...!

The + for customers compared to my old site.

  • A real customer account with the history of orders and invoices.
  • Set alerts on items to be notified when a product is back in stock.
  • Filters to sort products more easily.
  • The member account and replace with a loyalty account
  • I have access to customer baskets, which sometimes makes it easier to understand customer problems
  • Very easy to request a quote and validate it directly online
  • Once all your items are in the basket, you can check the actual stock in the "quick order form", finally find out if all the items in your order are available or not.
  • A product comparator
  • One or more shareable wishlists.
  • etc etc

The following points are still to be completed and improved

  • The filters, full of product do not yet have the details that allow the filters to sort them
  • Category and sub-category images
  • The vertical menu is not yet complete, but you will find everything in the vertical menu.
  • If you have any (constructive) remarks to make, do not hesitate to comment on this article!

Have a nice visit,


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